SMASCH Labcademy

The SMASCH Labcademy gives all diverse activities that already take place in our schools a digital home. Under the motto “Learning platform, but different”, we would like to create a platform together with you that invites all participants to experiment, exchange ideas and spin off ideas in the digital world.

Where do I find the Labcademy?

In order to not create another independent platform with SMASCH, we integrate our offerings into the Hamburg learning management system The learning management system is available free of charge and is based on the open source software Moodle. The modular structure of Moodle allows us to create different courses and rooms within the Labcademy and to design them according to our preferences.

How do I get access to the Labcademy?

Access to the Labcademy offerings runs directly via Members of the Hamburg SMASCH schools already have access to the LMS through their school and have been assigned to the SMASCH environment by the system administrator. Just log in with your usual registration data and then click on “Start page” in the left menu bar. On your start page you will find the menu item “SMASCH” and below it the different sub-courses of the Labcademy.

Members of the Belgian schools as well as external interested parties please contact us by mail so that we can set up a guest access:

Who designs the Labcademy?

Everyone who has ideas on how the projects of their own schools can live on in the virtual space or how a lively environment for exchange among the schools can be created is cordially invited to participate. The Labcademy is meant to be a colorful place where advanced training modules find their place as well as experimental courses or simply a virtual exchange room to discuss the fails of the day together. You don’t need extensive Moodle or programming knowledge for this, because our SMASCH team will gladly support you in the implementation.

I do already have an idea, what now?

All the better! Then either talk to the SMASCH representatives at your school so that they can communicate your ideas to the project or contact us directly by e-mail: