26/06 to 30/06/2023 at Fundus Theater


26/06 to 30/06/2023 at Fundus Theater in Hamburg, Germany and online.

Inputs, workshops and market of opportunities for teachers. Networking, exchange and good practice at the connection between digitality – school – creativity.

For whom:

All teachers are welcome, whether already in the topic of digitality or still cautiously trying out: there is something for everyone at the SMASCH Festival.

Teachers can choose sessions in the registration form below.

Participation is free of charge.

There is gonna be a simultaneous translation from german to dutch.

There’s something for everyone at the SMASCH Festival. We will network, exchange ideas, there will be inputs and workshops by SMASCH media educators – on site and hybrid!
There will be simultaneous translation from german to dutch, so that lively conversations can also take place internationally.

We use the creative surroundings of the theater to open up new spaces of possibility. In doing so, we make sure that the impulses, that are allowed to arise in this way, can be translated into everyday life and become suitable for school!

In workshops we will discuss how we can anchor the potential of digitality and creativity in schools in a way that is suitable for everyday use. We work together on the topics that occupy you in the often fast-paced everyday school life. Let’s use this creative space to think out-of-the-box! Then, in exchange with each other, shape these impulses into usable solutions.

During the festival, a wide variety of stakeholders from the SMASCH project and beyond, will come together:

  • The team of the university
  • Media educators from SMASCH
  • Process facilitators
  • All teachers of the project schools
  • Digital artists
  • programmers

During this week, the project schools can get to know all SMASCH media educators and get an overview of their wide range of topics.

The SMASCH Festival is a summit for the whole SMASCH community. A time where we all come together, get to know each other personally, and explore together where the SMASCH journey is going next.

We look forward to seeing you!

Feel free to contact us with any further questions:

Nadja Schürmann,


We invite all actors of the school landscape to celebrate the opening of the SMASCH Festival together. We will network, exchange ideas… And as befits an opening, we will also toast to almost 2 years of SMASCH with a glass of drink. There will be a keynote speech hybrid childhood by Christopher Weymann and Iza Czarnojan will introduce the Labcademy: An experimental online space on for impulses and exchange around the topic of digitality and school.

At the end of the kick-off we will open a market of possibilities. Experts in media education, process support and digital culture will introduce themselves and their services. You can walk around (also online…then of course you don´t walk, but click) in a relaxed atmosphere, get in touch with them and find out what could be possible at your school or institution!

by Vera Marie Rodewald 

Creative Gaming means: breaking rules, using games as tools or toys, rethinking games. Whether analog or digital – we will look at methods and tools that aim to creatively use games to promote media literacy. We explore the boundaries of game worlds and conquer them with the help of artistic, performative and playful formats. In addition to concrete examples of how the various approaches can be embedded in the subject lessons, we will try out individual methods for analog and digital game design and storytelling. 

by Jule Böhmer 

Multilingual students bring a treasure with them to school that is far too rarely made visible, acknowledged and used for learning together. In the workshop, various examples will be used to show how the individual multilingualism of the students can be included in the learning process. In addition to analog methods, it will also be shown how digital tools can be used profitably.

by Jule Böhmer 

“Computer science without computers” – that sounds paradoxical at first. But to understand how computers store data, sort information, automate processes or even how an AI works, you don’t need a computer.

Computer science education as a component of digital education should have a place in all subjects, just like media education. In the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to test and develop their own computer skills using a variety of examples. They can then take these back to their lessons with ready-made teacher and student materials.

How can we take everyone in the school on the journey to a digital future?
Hints from coaching for change processes

by Stefan Clotz 

We will address the question of questions: Why do we often find it so difficult to implement change in schools? How can we prevent the new digital devices from being pushed straight back into the basement? What triggers fears, why are changes not welcomed with joy and open arms? How can we succeed in taking as many people as possible with us on a journey into a new future? We will discuss the realities, the changeable and the unchangeable – and look for practical models and solutions to help us as a school community.


You may register for all workshops and sessions with the following form. Attendancy is free of charge, a SMASCH Festival for the whole SMASCH-Community!