AI-day with Belgian SMASCH schools

Triggered by the recent hype around AI tools such as ChatGPT, delegates from all four Belgian SMASCH schools met on May 2, 2023, in Leuven to exchange knowledge and to learn more about AI’s educational relevance and challenges.

In the beginning, Rafa Gálvez and Mathias Decuypere provided inputs which introduced a “production-side” perspective on (ethical) AI development and implementation (Rafa) as well as perspectives on learning with AI, from AI, and about AI (Mathias). In a second step, focus groups were formed around two themes: AI-supported writing (such as through ChatGPT) and AI-supported automated evaluation (e.g., through using BookWidgets, Moodle or Google Classroom). Results from both groups were brought together, followed by a vivid discussion on potential further SMASCH activities in the field of critical and creative AI usage.